About Me

Many years of writing the consumer column for The Vegas Voice newspaper provided me with a unique perspective on various scams, fads, and the marketing hype we are all bombarded with on a daily basis. I saw first-hand the power of advertising as a tool to sway the minds of potential customers. Manufacturers used theĀ  innate complacency and ingrained habits of the consumer to increase their market share and line their corporateĀ  pockets regardless of the quality or real value of their products. As a result many of these companies put significantly more money into marketing and advertising than they do into the ingredients used to make the products you buy. In the interest of placing profit before product quality many companies have elected to cut corners by using ingredients that are not only less expensive, but also compromise the health and safety of their customers. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with a reliable source of information that can help you sort through the advertising clutter and use products that will enhance the quality of your life rather than place it at risk.

I believe in making the place you live, the place you love. My passion is to help people transform their lives in four areas; Healthy Homes, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Animals and Healthy Gardens.

I trust you will find the information on this site beneficial and life enhancing. You're going to love the Articles, Videos and Blogs! There is something for everyone here.

Healthy Home:
Transform your home into a toxin free and healthy environment with the helpful information on this site. These articles and videos will enable you to transform your home into a safe haven.

Healthy Body:
Rejuvenate and enhance your family's health with our highly informative and inspiring articles, videos and blogs.

Healthy Animals:
If you are an animal lover, you will gain tremendous insight on natural remedies for physical conditions that may be plaguing your pets with our Healthy Animal articles. We also offer helpful tips on keeping your animals at optimum health.

Healthy Garden:
Nurture your plants and watch them flourish with the help of our Healthy Garden articles. We will provide information to assist you in becoming an environmentally conscious and productive gardener.

For almost twenty years I have been shopping with a company that provides healthy alternatives in all four of these categories by manufacturing quality, environmentally safe products and offering them at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about the company and the exceptional products they offer.